Trigger Warning

Wear your mask and take my hand,
I want to hear all about you and
I heard it’s much easier to tell the truth
When no one can see who’s who.

You’re of great interest to me &
Undeniably precious to somebody
Special, their face may just come to mind;
I just hope it’s not mine.

I’m the type of predator you weren’t expecting to find but found you:
I’m the type of fiend who told you lies while your naive heart told the truth.

The devil who convinced you not to kill yourself a thousand miles away,
Just to confine you in his motel room;
Trade your prescription for a carpool,
Airplane mode is always useful.

Abuse has happened to us all and trust me/I’m in that group, I’ve been raped too,
So when I take advantage of you, Dissociation should be easy to slip into.

(Authors Note: Written from the presumed perspective of the man who assaulted me. Very difficult to scrape off my chest. Hence the title.)


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